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5 disadvantages of being a short hitter - why you need to increase driving distance

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

(Image: Current club speed world record holder Seb Twaddell and myself, February 2023) Golf is a very different game to what it was even 10 years ago. Most of your favourite players hit the ball consistently over 300 yards, nearly all professional golfers are in the gym and most golfers speed train. If you aren't trying to increase your distance, you are leaving better scoring opportunities on the table. Read on to see why being a short hitter negatively affects your golf game. 1. You are losing strokes off the tee For most professionals in the world top 10, their driver is their weapon. If you aren't getting your shot away with consistent length, you are hurting your scores. In fact, if you gained 20 yards off the tee, you will gain 1.2 shots per round. This may sounds silly but gaining 20 yards isn't very difficult. By consistently performing mobility, strength and mobility training, you can add 20 yards. 2. You are losing strokes from your approach shots What are you more accurate with, a 6 iron or a 9 iron? The further you drive the ball, the easier your second shot will be. This is pretty obvious but it's worth noting as many of my clients forget this. Typically, the shorter your club is for your second shot, the tighter dispersion it will have. 3. You may not be able to reach par 5s in two Have you ever reached a par 5 in two? It feels great and a two putt gives you what feels like an easy birdie. This is a huge scoring advantage. On the other hand, if you aren't able to reach par 5s, it becomes hard to shoot low. 4. More hazards often become in play When I was 15, I used to play a par 5 with a dreaded water carry as the tee shot. It was hole 8 at Windsor Country Club for anyone interested. Some days I covered it, some days I didn't and it would annoy me to earths end. After starting gym training and working on my fitness, this water carry became a thing of the past and instead I used to look forward to see how far I could carry it. On your home course, think to yourself what an extra 20 yards could do for you. With more distance you may be able to carry certain bunkers, water hazards and staked areas. 5. You are left behind in match play Have you ever competed with someone that hits it past you every time? I have and it's not ideal. For every approach shot, you are the first to go which allows them to change their strategy on the fly. However if you are longer off the tee, this switch is flipped and you can start applying the pressure. Summary I'm not sure about you but if I started my golf journey again I would start golf fitness exercises and speed training as soon as possible. There are so many advantages of hitting the ball longer and with today's equipment, the mishits aren't as punishing. I certainly understand that distance isn't everything but you cannot doubt that it is a huge advantage on the course. Do you want to gain distance in the quickest way possible? Are you sick of being the 'short hitter'? Do you want to decrease your handicap by increasing your swing speed? Do you want to play your best golf possible? Book in a free call with me. We can discuss your golfing history, your body and your goals. I look forward to hearing from you. Billy Troy


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