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Billy Troy 

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My name is Billy Troy and like you, I love my golf. I started my journey getting taught by my dad at our local driving range. After many poor shots I started to see the odd good one which got me completely hooked. 

As I grew older, I played competitively in Jack Newton events though I unfortunately didn't give golf my full attention whilst juggling other competitive sports. Now with golf being my main focus, I play consistently once a week and hold a single figure handicap.

I have owned Golf Physiotherapy Australia (GPA) for 5 years and I created it out of pure passion to improve the health of all golfers. I have been able to help 100's of golfers just like you and I am proud to be apart of their golfing journeys. 

I hope to meet you so that you can move better, feel better and play better golf. Your body is your best investment to lower your scores and play long into the future.

More about me:

  • Consultant to Golf Australia 

  • Consultant to Australian PGA Tour

  • Trained Physiotherapist

  • Strength and conditioning coach

  • Titleist performance institute (TPI) certified practitioner

  • Superspeed golf certified practitioner 

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