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Want to be an elite golfer? Develop these 5 traits

Have you been around elite golfers before? Often they exhibit a combination of physical, mental, and behavioural traits that contribute to their success. Read below to try and harness these below characteristics for your game.

Client Lachie Wood - Australia's #1 all abilities golfer and owner of Fraser Coast Performance Golf
Client Lachie Wood - Australia's #1 all abilities golfer and owner of Fraser Coast Performance Golf

1. Athleticism Great golfers typically possess a high level of athleticism. In golf, being athletic includes having sound flexibility, coordination, balance and power. These traits provide a strong foundation for technical development and strong ball striking.

2. Discipline Better players are known for their exceptional work ethic and discipline. They are dedicated to their game and training regimens. I have worked with a number of professional and amateur golfers in my practice. It’s no surprise that the athletes who do my prescribed programs routinely get the best results. If you want to improve your game, create a practice and training schedule and stick to it. 3. Consistency Consistency is an interesting word in golf because every round you complete is so different. But in this sense, better golfers have a tighter dispersion between their good and bad rounds. My belief is that better players have smaller movement variability, meaning that their swing isn’t changing a lot due to their preparation habits. When I worked on the Australian golf tour, most players did stretches, banded warm-ups and hit range balls prior to their tee time. When you complete the same warm-up, you will often play with the same swing mechanics. 4. Coachability Golf is an individual sport but despite this, you need a good team around you. The best golfers I have worked with have a willingness to learn, adapt, and make necessary adjustments to their techniques and bodies. Understand that continuous improvement is key to reaching your true potential. 5. Goal-oriented mindset True competitors I work with have a growth mindset and a clear sense of purpose. They set ambitious goals for themselves and they are highly motivated to achieve them. Without goals, you can lack direction and attention. Make sure you are setting SMART goals, this means making them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Do you want to get assessed the same as my elite golfers do? If you want to play your best golf, making your body a priority is a must. 26/30 of the worlds top golfers have been screened by a TPI professional and so should you. Book your initial assessment either face-to-face or via zoom below.


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