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How bad posture hurts your game in 3 ways

Golf is such a technical sport. You can absolutely get lost in the amount of information out there. But for you, I want to bring your attention to something that is commonly overlooked in the amateur game, posture. Below details the three ways it can affect your scores. 1. Balance and weight distribution Balance is fundamental to a successful golf swing, and your posture directly influences it. If your weight is distributed poorly or your stance is too wide or narrow, it can compromise your stability during the swing. A well structured posture promotes a controlled weight shift from backswing to downswing, facilitating a smoother and more powerful strike.

2. Rotational ability The golf swing relies heavily on the body's ability to rotate efficiently. Proper posture allows for optimal rotation of the hips, shoulders, and spine, generating the necessary torque to deliver a powerful swing. In contrast, a slouched or upright posture limits your body's rotational capabilities, hindering the potential for maximum club head speed. By maintaining a correct posture, you enable your body to unleash the rotational force essential for an effective golf swing. 3. Muscle engagement and flexibility:

Posture affects the engagement of key muscle groups crucial for a successful golf swing. A well-aligned posture promotes proper muscle activation, ensuring that the right muscles are engaged at the right time. Additionally, maintaining good posture enhances overall flexibility, allowing for a more extensive range of motion during the swing. On the contrary, poor posture can lead to muscle imbalances, restricted movements and an increased risk of injury. Do you want to improve your posture? If you want to improve your posture right away, book a consult with me via the link below. I look forward to helping you move, feel and play better. Billy Troy Golf Physiotherapy Australia


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