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3 ways to stay committed to golf fitness

I get it, keeping a fitness routine can be challenging. Your life is always changing and evolving and at times your health can take the back seat. Read my 3 strategies to stay consistent with your fitness routine. 1. Create a schedule and stick to it Consistency is key when it comes to building and maintaining motivation for exercise. Establish a regular workout schedule that fits into your weekly routine, making it easier to form a habit. Treat your exercise appointments with the same level of commitment as any other important task. Having a set time for your workouts reduces decision fatigue and creates a sense of structure, making it more likely that you'll follow through. 2. Have a goal or outcome in mind Start by setting clear, realistic, and achievable fitness goals. Whether it's a certain club speed, movement or handicap, having tangible objectives gives you something to work toward. Break larger goals into smaller, more manageable milestones, celebrating your achievements along the way. This not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also keeps you motivated to pursue the next challenge. 3. Get a fitness trainer

Having a fitness trainer is going to keep you accountable. With my clients, I keep them on task by: - Giving them workouts that are convenient, fun and are targeted towards their goals - Ensuring they complete all assigned workouts I give them - Supporting them in the good times and the bad - Sending weekly check-in messages - Scheduling complimentary online calls for their reviews Do you want to start an online fitness program? If you want to feel, move and play better in 2024 click the button below. I would love to help you on your golf fitness journey.

Deadlifts are a great golf fitness exercise


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