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Major speed gains lead to a major win

Updated: Feb 7

Image credit Golf Channel

Matt Fitzpatrick is well known for his iron play and his short game. He has been a shorter hitter on the PGA tour and he has struggled to compete in the majors until his US Open win. After seeing a number of his competitors drastically increase their driving distance, he also decided to follow suit.

How did he go about his goal?

Matt is known for being very analytical and leaves no stone unturned. So unlike most amateur golfers, Matt decided to work with a skilled professional in speed training. Together they formulated a plan so that Matt could make long lasting gains. Additionally, Matt has a fitness trainer that makes him train in the gym so that his body can cope with the demands of having extra speed.

The results

In 2019, Matt’s driving distance was 287.9 yards and on the week of the US open he averaged nearly 310 yards. So what does that mean statistically? Due to his increase in distance, he now gains 1.6 shots off the tee against his competitors (1.4 shots better than 2019).

Is the process that easy?

Well yes, and no. Yes because speed training is quite simple. You need to practice swinging fast and perform this consistently. Over time, you will naturally be able to move faster from adaptions made in your muscular and nervous system. The caveat to this is that speed training is physically demanding. Gaining speed is hard work, there is no other way of saying it. You must also be aware of overtraining. If you push your body to it’s limits without the correct guidance, then you may suffer from injuries. Matt struggled with minor niggles along his journey though his medical team was able to manage these and have him continuing towards his goals.

What else can improve my swing speed?

A number of things can increase your speed. This includes your flexibility, balance, sequencing and/or power. When I assess a client, I take them through a full TPI screening and a detailed assessment. Following this, I give them advice around my findings and formulate a plan with them so they can gain swing speed fast.

So what should you do?

If you want to increase your swing speed as quickly and as safely as possible, book an appointment with me or a free call. I look forward to working with you.

Below shows the results of clients that work with me


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