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5 Ways of gaining club head speed today!

Updated: May 26, 2023

1. Stretch Having good flexibility is a key fundamental to creating speed. This is the case for a couple of reasons. Have you heard about the ‘X-Factor Stretch’? This is the stretch created between your hips and torso. During the backswing phase of the swing, the hips stabilise and your torso continues to stretch and coil. Similarly to an elastic band, the potential energy grows as the band is stretched further. As you see in many long drive competitors, they turn their torso a huge amount so they can release this stored energy back at the ball. If you are tight in your upper back and shoulders you will struggle making a large turn. Secondly lead hip flexibility is important to creating club lag. Instead of pulling down on the club with their hands, players that use lag rotate their lead hip open to create speed. If you imagine players like Cameron Champ, he is rotating with the flexbility of his left hip which creates a tremendous amount of effortless speed.

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(Image: 2. Perform resistance exercises

When you are swinging the golf club, you would be surprised how many muscle are working. A huge number of upper and lower limb muscles are engaged and ready to fire. Performing some sort of resistance exercise before playing or practicing acts as a muscle and nerve primer. You are essentially letting the body know what you are about to expose it to. If you walk to the first tee without preparing, your body will get a rude and unwanted shock. Not to mention an injury risk, you will also leave free speed on the table. In as little as 5 minutes, you can gain 5 yards of distance. This reflects a study that was published on the Titleist Performance Institute website.

See my study summary here 3. Throw a tennis ball It sounds silly right. How can throwing a tennis ball help me build speed? Funnily enough, the throwing action has a very similar sequence to the golf swing. For example 1. You turn and stretch onto the back foot to get create elastic energy 2. You transfer weight back onto your lead foot 3. Your lead hip starts to rotate and your abdominals contract to pull on your shoulder 4. Lag has now been created and you release the ball/club Many people lose potential speed by having the sequence in the wrong order. By throwing a ball you are reminded of how the body should move and what muscles should be working. 4. Perform speed sets (superspeed golf) Superspeed golf has created great protocols for years to get golfers extra distance. On their website, you can download a handout which shows you exercises that can increase your speed within the first session. This is quick, simple and effective.

For best results, using one of their products is ideal, otherwise many of my clients get good results from simply using their driver to perform their protocols. Speed training does a number of things: 1. It teaches your neurological (nerve) system how to move fast 2. It makes you move through greater ranges of motion to create a stretch 3. It encourages you to sequence correctly 5. Try and hit the ball hard Now this is obvious but it needs to be said. A lot of people I have met say they want to gain speed, though I’m not sure if they want to put in the work. In all my golfing years I am yet to see someone actively speed training at a driving range. To get as fast as possible you need to place your body under some sort of stress. I will also add, when you are speed training, you are not thinking about technique, ball contact or ball direction. You are thinking about SPEED. So like Bryson Dechambeau has so successfully done, you need to put in some strong efforts and you will reap rewards. Bonus tip: come and see me The quickest way to gain speed is by seeing a trained professional. Book now by clicking below.


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