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3 reasons why you need a TPI screen

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

For those who aren’t aware, the TPI is the world’s leading educational organisation for golf health and fitness. It was founded by Dr Greg Rose and Dave Phillips to set a movement standard for golf. Since the inception in 2003, thousands of touring professionals, amateurs and weekend golfers have been assessed and helped by the TPI. At one time, 26/30 of the world’s best golfers had been assessed with a TPI screen and I imagine it is close to 30/30 now. The screen involves assessing a golfer’s flexibility, strength and stability (all of which are

essential for the golf swing). This is done by performing 16 tests, in which you are given a score at the end. From here you can understand how your body functions for golf. Below detail 3 reasons why a TPI screening process is essential.

1. Injury reduction

Anyone that has taken time off golf because of an injury will tell you how disappointing it is. While your friends or competition are playing, you are stuck mending your body. A big part of the screening process is understanding your body’s limitations and how you move. With this information the assessor can give you information that may prevent an injury in the future. For example, swing positions such as early extension, sliding and chicken winging all have higher likelihoods of causing future problems. Or if you have mobility limitations in your hips or thoracic spine, we know by research that this can create excess pressure on your lower back. By having this information, you can then rectify the issues you have and decrease your chances of injury.

2. Speed development

Speed development comes from a number of attributes. The main attributes being flexibility, rotational velocity, and power/strength. By having a TPI screen you can discover exactly what your body is capable of. Despite speed being one of the main features of better players, some people want to discount its importance. On average, a scratch golfer has a club head speed of

106 MPH and a high single figure handicap golfer has a speed of 97 MPH. As swing speed drops off, so does scoring average. If this isn’t enough information, there is a direct correlation to swing speed and money earnings on the pga tour. So by having your TPI screen you can discover what may be limiting your speed and create a plan.

3. Performance improvement

With decreased chances of injury and increased speed, it’s a no-brainer that your performance will improve. Another important feature of better players is their consistency. The best players in the world swing very similarly day in day out. A large part of this comes down to their bodies. If you lack strength, flexibility or balance, your movement will no doubt will be unpredictable. This will lead to a range of compensations and poor swings. By having good movement, you can then create good swings.

To prevent injury, increasing speed and improve your performance book your TPI screen today, click the link below.


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