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5 ways to increase distance, now.

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Do you struggle with driving distance? Are you tired of not reaching par 5s in two? Is your body letting you down?

Club head speed is a key predictor in scoring potential – the further you hit the ball, the better your scoring ability is. There are many PGA tours stats that show the further a professional hits the ball, the more money they make. With that being said, here are five common characteristics of high speed players.

1. Flexibility and range of motion If you want to hit the ball far you need to move well to create force. Imagine your body being an elastic band. The more you can stretch the band, the more energy you can store in your body to transfer into the club head. You need to be mobile in your shoulders, hips and spine to allow for a longer arm path. Regular stretching exercises can certainly help with this, for my free warm-up guide simply send me an email at

2. Efficient body rotation

Golfers with high club head speed have a well-coordinated and efficient rotation of their body during the swing. To generate power you need to utilize your lower body, hips, torso and hands to transfer energy into the club. The ability to rotate your body explosively and maintain proper posture and technique is vital.

3. Proper timing and sequencing Timing and rhythm play an important role in generating speed. To hit the golf ball well you need a good sense of timing and sequencing to maximize power. Imagine trying to crack a whip, if you pull on the whip too early, everything is out of order. However, if you wait for the whip to load correctly, then you can give it a proper crack. From the top of the backswing, you should use these body segments in order for the downswing 1. Hips 2. Torso 3. Arms 4. Hands If you don’t have this particular sequence correct, you are not maximising your full potential.

4. Strong lower body You may hear how golf commentators discuss how well professionals use the ground. To increase your swing speed you must be able to use the ground as leverage to transfer force to the club head. It’s also known that vertical leap height has a direct correlation to swing speed. Currently the PGA tour average is 22”, which is quite remarkable. To increase the strength of your lower body and improve your vertical jump, add in basic exercises such as lunges, squats, deadlifts and bridges. 5. Solid impact fundamentals With all of the above being said, you will never truly see your best drives unless you get your launch conditions right. If you do the below things correctly, you should see your driving distance improve. 1. Hit near the centre of the club face 2. Have a neutral or upward angle of attack 3. Select a ball for your swing speed

Do you want to hit the ball further as soon as possible?

If you want to learn how to gain speed safely and effectively, book a consultation with me. I will take you through a full TPI assessment to understand your body, your swing and your lifestyle.

After getting a detailed understanding of who you are as a golfer, I will create you a plan of action. Without a plan you don’t have direction and without direction you won’t get to your goals. I look forward to working with you!


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