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5 ways to prolong your golf career

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

If you want play golf well into your later years you are going to need to take care of your body. This will improve the chance that you can enjoy your golf as long as you wish.

(Image source: CNN)

1. Warm-up before each round

It’s very important to add dynamic stretches and movements to prepare your body for the physical demands of golf. This will improve your flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and help you hit the ball further. Pay special attention to stretching the hips, back, and legs. To get my specific warm-up guide, send me an email at

2. Develop a fitness routine

Regular physical exercise is the key to promoting longevity in your golf, and your life. Focus on activities that improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance and strength. To make a well-rounded golf routine, be sure to add exercises that target your core strength, mobility and overall conditioning. If you want some inspiration, watch the below videos of Bernhard Langer and Vijay Singh on my Instagram.

3. Listen to your body

Your body is very smart and often you are likely to neglect faint signals when your body is trying to tell you something. You should pay close attention to any moderate amounts of pain, discomfort or signs of fatigue. By pushing through large amounts of pain you run the risk of hurting yourself, after all pain is a way of your body warning you of something. As a way of checking in with your body, take breaks where needed, monitor your practice and ensure you are recovering adequately. Diet, hydration and sleep all come into play here..

4. Practice good swing mechanics

Efficient swing mechanics not only improve your performance but also reduce the strain on your body. Work with your golf instructor and golf physiotherapist to ensure that your swing technique is sound and mechanically efficient.

If your swing isn’t technically ‘solid’ you are likely to recruit muscles in an abnormal way which can lead to many compensations. Read my blog here for more information on swing positions that may expose you to injury

5. Get your body assessed by a TPI professional

The Titleist Performance Institute was developed to help understand how the body and the golf swing works in harmony. A TPI professional can take you through the screening process to understand how your body functions for golf specifically. This is similar to how a mechanic looks underneath the hood of your car.

Want to accelerate your progress?

If you want to play your best possible golf book in for a screening with me below. This can be done at my work locations or online.

From here, you can get a deeper understanding of how you can improve.

If you book by the 31st July 2023 I will take 15% off your screening price. Simply mention this blog when paying for your consult.

I look forward to helping you move, feel and play better!


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