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Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Golf media has heavily covered Bryson DeChambeau's distance gains which has overshadowed improvements of other golfers. Statistically driving distance is a huge advantage in the modern game and everyone should be looking to add yards to their drive. Many of the professionals are doing it and Dylan Frittelli is no exception. Read on to find out how Dylan has added 20 yards of distance to his drive and competed at the masters.

1. Lift weights On Dylan's Instagram, he makes frequent posts performing a variety of strength training lifts. He regularly includes squats, deadlifts and lunges into his program to increase force production. With golf research, we know that the more force you can apply to the ground and the club, the more speed you can generate. For strength training to be effective it needs to be done frequently, with high intensity and safely. It is recommend to use a health professional that understands the demands of golf.

2. Recover well Dylan was one of the early adopters of the fitness wearable device WHOOP. He has worn it for over 18 months and many of his PGA tour counterparts have followed suit. This device gives you groundbreaking information on your energy expenditure, sleep and recovery. Many people forget how important recovery is for performance. While you sleep your body is repairing for both physical and mental stressors of the next day. Research shows that those who sleep over 8 hours perform better and get injured less than those who don't. Additionally, greater sleep is associated with better mood and quicker decision making.

3. Tinker with equipment Dylan confesses his pursuit for distance was motivated by Bryson's results, so much that he put a longer driver into his bag. Dylan now carries a Callaway 6.8 degree Mavrik driver at 46 inches. He commented that this change alone gave him an extra 2-3 miles per hour of ball speed which is extremely valuable on tour. When you accumulate the effects of resistance training, nutrition and recovery, it's a powerful combination. The Stats

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