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TRUE linkswear

TRUE is dedicated to reimagining what a golf shoe can be. They're on a mission to free golfers from the burden of heavy, clunky cleats by providing innovative, lightweight, and comfortable shoes for the course & beyond.

Use my code GPA15 for 15% off your first pair of shoes.

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Based on over 30 years of research, GravityFit have developed simple, clever, science based exercise and rehabilitation tools that strengthen the deep muscles you need to live, heal and perform at your peak.

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Steven Giuliano

Steven has been a golf coach for over 20 years and has travelled vastly with instructional seminars. He is now recognised as the 'coaches coach' and is a world renowned instructor.

Steven has been at the forefront of education and was an early adopter of AimPoint which is now the worlds #1 green reading system.

Originally from Melbourne, Steven is now the Director of coaching at Laguna Golf Resort in Singapore. Additionally, he has given over 1000 online lessons on skillest.

Steven Giuliano golf coaching.jpeg

Blake Dowd

Blake is an advanced Australian golf coach and he teaches at Lynwood Country Club in Sydney's West . 

Blake has an inspiring passion for learning and has qualifications in trackman, capto putting and focus band (to name a few). 

Whether you are a weekend player or touring pro, Blake can help you.

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Toby McGeachie

Toby is an advanced Australian golf coach and was rewarded the 2022/2023 NSW game development coach of the year. 

Toby sees both clients from Links Shell Cove on the NSW South Coast and online via Skillest. 

Toby has given over 8100 online lessons and he is one of the worlds leading online coaches.

Toby also hosts 'The Golf Coach' podcast, a world leading instructional show.

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