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5 ways to make 2022 your physical best!

Updated: May 26, 2023

5 ways to make 2022 your physical best 1. Create a sustainable routine A year isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon so you need to prepare yourself for one. Routines have shown to be very useful to enhance performance by creating structure. Routines take away a lot of day to day stress by having a clear and defined plan. For example, most elite sports teams have their training and playing rosters given to them a year in advance so that they have mental clarity and can prepare for what is ahead. By not having a set routine, people often experience what is called ‘decision fatigue’ which essentially means getting overwhelmed by making a large number of decisions daily. Set a plan and take some of that daily burden away. Routines also give you accountability and motivation. By having your routine set in stone it gives you something to fall back on.

2. Set goals By having goals, you have direction. Without goals, you can easily get lost. In many studies, goal setting has been shown to help improve performance. To make goals even more meaningful, they should be made using the SMART acronym. Meaning that they are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. For example, a goal of mine is to record a driver swing at 135MPH within 3 months. I like to set goals in 3 monthly increments, I find one year is a long time and priorities might change or unforeseeable events may occur. Be revisiting your goals regularly, you can keep adjusting your focus on what you feel matters most.

3. Eat better

When it comes to nutrition, input equates to output. Or in other words, if you put a lot of junk in, you are going to get a junk performances out. Having good nutrition foundations is fundamental to consistent energy levels and body repair following activity. For most people, it is recommended to have a mix or carbohydrates, fats and protein. I do understand that there are a number of diets to chose from and most come with advantages and disadvantages. I would suggest selecting a diet that you can comply to for long periods of time. If you don’t enjoy your diet whatsoever, it’s very likely you will break it regularly and splurge.

Also I don’t like to overcomplicate nutrition advice for my clients. I suggest a balanced diet and I like them to count their calories via MyFitnessPal which makes the process seamless. If you are trying to gain weight and size, eat slightly more than what your body needs and do the opposite to lose weight. By weighing yourself weekly you can work out how many daily calories you need to achieve your goals. For example if you eat 2500 calories a day but can’t gain any weight, try 2600 calories instead (easy right).

4. Prioritize sleep Yes to get gains you need to put in physical work, though importantly you need rest too. In the last 5-10 years, sleep research has come a long way. We are learning more and more about how integral sleep is for our well-being and physical performance. Most sleep professors recommend 7-9 hours each night to allow your body and mind to repair. Those who consistently lack sleep are more likely to have poor hormone regulation, have higher risks of injury and are more likely to suffer from stress and/or anxiety. Set yourself a routine thirty minutes before bed to prepare for sleep. Take some time away from your screens, do some deep breathing exercises and/or some stretching. You will be surprised how much your sleep quality improves.

5. Get niggling injuries assessed Occasionally small, nagging injuries can turn into larger problems. As humans, we are sometimes too smart for our own good and often we can compensate for abnormalities. For example, if you have very poor balance, you are likely to make large adjustments at your foot, knee or ankle (or a combination of these). Over long periods of time, these adjustments can put you at risk of injury. If your car started making interesting noises would you take it to a mechanic? My advice is if you have an ache, a problem or if something just doesn’t feel right, get it checked out! To kick off the new year, get a golf screening. This can be done via facetime or face-to-face (RRP). Here I can test your mobility, strength and power. With these tests, a plan can be made to make 2022 your best yet. Book your physical screening by clicking below or giving me a message on 0477798644

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