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5 golf fitness mistakes you are making

Updated: Feb 7

Improving your golf performance requires a combination of skill development, mental focus, and physical fitness. Many golfers make mistakes in their fitness routines that can hinder their progress. Here are five common mistakes you are probably making in yours. 1. Neglecting flexibility training

If you are only doing strength training and neglect your flexibility, you are making a large error. Flexibility is crucial for a full range of motion in your golf swing. Include dynamic stretching and mobility exercises to improve range of motion and improve your swing mechanics. 2. Ignoring core endurance

The muscles around your spine play a key role in generating power and stability during a golf swing. If you have weakness or lack endurance in these muscles, your performance may suffer. These muscles have an important role of protecting your spine and deep tissues. Try to incorporate exercises including planks, chops and bridges to improve in this area.

3. Overlooking cardiovascular conditioning

When you think of golf fitness, I'm sure the cardiovascular system doesn't come to mind first. With that being said, golf is a physically demanding sport that requires a great deal of endurance, especially if you play a hilly course. Include cardiovascular exercises like rowing, cycling, or fast paced walking to improve your lung function. 4. Lack of specificity in training Golf is a very unique sport, so your training should be unique too. For the best possible results tailor your fitness routine to target the muscle groups and movements involved in a golf swing. I would also suggest focusing on flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and speed in that order. 5. Inadequate recovery practices: Overtraining without giving your body sufficient time to recover is a recipe for poor results. Ensure you have rest days in your routine, get enough sleep, and incorporate recovery strategies such as heat/cold therapy, stretching, and proper nutrition to allow your body to repair. Want a golf routine that will get you guaranteed results? My typical client achieves a: 45% decrease in pain

25% gain in flexibility

A loss of 2.25 shots off their handicap If you want to start a program book a free call below, I look forward to helping you.

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