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Is this you?

You are struggling with pain and stiffness..

You lack flexibility in your muscles or joints..
 You are tired and fatigued..

What's your dream outcome?

To play golf with less stiffness or aches?
To be able to move freely?
To play golf well into your later years?
To simply enjoy the game more?

What's stopping you from doing a program?

You don't have enough time?
You don't think it will work?

You don't want to exercise?

You don't think it's worth it?

My offer to you..

I will help you decrease your pain in 12 weeks
If you aren't satisfied, I will give you your money back


What I require from you..

1 hour to assess your movement over zoom or in my clinic
60 minutes a week to perform your home program

Commitment to getting better

What do you get from me?

12 week home written program ($500)

30 minute x 3 monthly check in calls ($297)
Weekly program reviews ($1188)
24/7 messaging thro
ugh training app
Guaranteed result

Value $1985 AUD
Price $500
 ($6/day) AUD

Want to get started now?

Schedule your free intro call below

Pay now and Billy will contact you shortly after payment has processed

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