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Who is this for?

Golf health professionals
Golf fitness professionals

Golf coaches/instructors
Golf club fitters/builders

Is this you?

Do you want to help more people?
Do you want to get better results?
Do you want to earn more income ethically?

What's your dream outcome?

To be well recognised in the golf industry?
To work with the best players in the world?
To worry less about your income?

What's stopping you?

You don't have enough time?
You don't think it will work out?

You don't know the steps to success?

My offer to you..

I will help you grow your golf business within 6 weeks. If you don't make 2 times your money back within 6 months, I will refund your money.
What I require from you..

A 30 minute assessment session to understand your current business
Weekly zoom meetings for 6 weeks to take you through my coaching course
Passion, integrity and enthusiasm

What do you get from me?

Knowledge on how to build a social media following
Steps on how to get featured in golf magazines and on golf podcasts
Step by step strategies and tactics to help customers find you
Business planning to create sustainable long term success 
A guaranteed result

Why should you work with me?

I have helped hundreds of clients improve their golf games
I have worked with the Australian PGA tour
I have been featured in Golf Australia Magazine
I have built my golf business from the ground up learning what works and what doesn't
I am passionate about helping others succeed

What's the cost? 

$1000 AUD for the entire program
This is cheaper than most new drivers!
Remember, the best investment you can make is on yourself..

So what now?

Schedule in a free call below and we can discuss your business and your goals

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