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  • Why is physiotherapy important for golf?
    A standard golf swing involves a tremendous amount of flexibility, strength and balance. If your body isn't functioning correctly, you will be playing against it. The worlds best golfers each have golf fitness professionals so that they can get the best out of their body. I can diagnose injuries, identify key weakness in your body and develop performance plans for golf.
  • Do i need a referral from my doctor?
    No you don't. Simply call the business number or send an email for bookings.
  • How is golf physiotherapy different to golf coaching?
    As a golf physiotherapist I pay close attention to your body and how it affects your golf swing. This is not to be confused with technical advice. I have a number of golf coaches i work with and will refer clients to them if required.
  • How does the screening process work?
    I take a detailed injury and medical history I perform a swing analysis I take you through 16 movement tests developed by Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) I will then go through your results I give you a pathway to playing better golf
  • Can you perform home visits?
    Yes home visits are available in the Brisbane surrounds. The cost of the home visit will also incur a travel cost depending on where you live. Please text me on 0477798644 to arrange a booking.
  • Can you consult to clubs, coaches and associations?"
    Yes i can provide consultation services to all of the above parties. Please contact me on 0477798644 to arrange bookings.
  • Do you perform guest speaking?
    Yes, guest speaking can be organised for various clubs and facilities. Please text me on 0477798644 to organise a booking.
  • Do you offer online appointments?
    Yes I do, simply book through my services page.
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