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Bryson’s hand injury and 3 ways you can avoid it

Updated: May 25, 2023

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Bryson’s hand injury and 3 ways you can avoid it

Most avid golf fans would know by now that Bryson Dechambeau has recently undergone a surgical procedure for his hand. Unfortunately Bryson fractured his hamate bone. This bone is localised where the butt off your club sits and it takes a lot of pressure of the club handle. This injury is fairly common and it plagues a number of professional golfers yearly. Hamate fractures typically result in 4-8 weeks off golf, so read below to limit the chance of injuring your hand.

Keep an activity log

Fractures of the hand are usually (but not always) associated with an increase in practice or play. As the force upon the bone becomes greater, so too does the chance of injury. To limit big activity spikes, keep a diary of your weekly routine. To avoid injury, don't increase your physical load by more than 25% on any given week. For example if you hit 100 balls at the range each week, don’t hit more than 125 the following week.

Practice on soft surfaces

Do you practice on golf mats? Secondly, are these mats placed on top of concrete? Practicing on golf mats is a sure way to create problems for your wrists and hands. Instead of the club head sliding through soft grass, you tend to get a hard collision with the ground.

As you can imagine, your muscles and bones are taking more load to try and control the club face after having a strong deflection from the mat. As a way of preventing injury, mix up practice surfaces where possible and take rests in between shots. Get your grips fitted

Have you ever felt your grips were too small or too big? This can obviously impact how you grip the club and it will affect your hand strength. A pattern I normally see among injured golfers is having grips too small and hard. This can lead to gripping the club too tightly and causes poor force absorption of the handle. Seeing a club qualified fitter will help choosing the correct grip sizes for you.

Bonus tip: See a physiotherapist

If you want prevent injury, decrease pain or just play better golf, book your online or face-to-face consultation today! The consultation will include a: - TPI screening - Golf swing assessment - Injury assessment - Exercise program through world leading app Physitrack Don't let you injury stop you from doing the things you love, book via the button below.


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